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McKinsey found in a 2014 study that next-generation parcel logistics would involve same-day delivery. More than half of merchants do have same-day shipping options, proving the report’s accuracy. Online stores that don’t adapt to this unavoidable shift risk going out of business.

To illustrate the significance of this principle for stores, we’ll review five trends and figures related to same-day delivery:

Around half of all online stores now provide same-day shipping options. Another 49% of e-commerce sites anticipate launching the feature within the next five years. Large-scale stores in highly populated areas are responding quickly to customer demand by implementing same-day delivery services.

Sixty-four percent of buyers need to be informed of the expected delivery date before making a purchase. More than a quarter (28%) of consumers say that speed of delivery is very important when choosing an online store, and a third (30%) of millennials will only purchase at stores that promise same-day delivery. Notably, if buyers know they can count on same-day delivery, almost half (49%) will be more likely to make purchases from an online store. Customers want this delivery option because of the urgency/convenience and the low price.

The rising popularity of same-day delivery in Washington DC,  among shoppers, is partially attributable to the low prices at which it is offered. Thus, if this service is provided at no cost, 72% of online shoppers will use it. In addition, if a store doesn’t provide same-day shipping, over 25% of customers will either not complete their purchase or will abandon it.

41% of online customers are willing to pay extra for same-day delivery, which is an interesting statistic. However, it should be noted that 56% of millennials believe it should be provided at no additional expense to them. In addition, consumers anticipate expert parcel delivery services; if they don’t receive them, 57% of consumers say they will go elsewhere to make their purchases. Offering same-day shipping is a huge competitive advantage for online stores, increasing productivity by as much as 85 percent. According to Invesco, businesses that provide same-day shipping see a dramatic rise in revenue and an increase in conversion rates. In addition, as more and more consumers favor same-day delivery, businesses that fall short of meeting this demand will see a drop in conversions and sales.

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The epidemic necessitated the shift to online sales, revealing the significance of delivery guarantees in driving consumers’ spending. When shopping online, customers value speed and ease above all else. Unless companies can figure out a method to fulfill customers’ demands for immediate service, they will inevitably fall behind the competition.

Brands and merchants that wish to compete in Amazon’s turf must develop omnichannel fulfillment strategies that allow them to provide same-day delivery at competitive prices. To better serve their clients, companies must optimize the “last mile” by increasing the reach of their distribution networks. Which brings us to the question: what is the answer? Supplement the established, static infrastructure with a malleable logistics network.

With flexible logistics, companies may easily scale up or down their supply chain in response to fluctuations in demand. A low-cost approach to network expansion is provided by this method. Faster shipping becomes more practical when the time and money spent on the final mile of the journey are minimized.