Safe, Secure Medical Deliveries

The medical industry relies on professionalism, attention to detail, and experience to ensure that those in its care receive the right treatment and diagnosis. Nothing can be left to chance.

Rapid Response Delivery offers courier services for anyone in the medical industry who needs vital packages, like patients’ specimens, delivered by experienced medical delivery drivers.

While time is always of the essence, it’s even more important when dealing with this type of package. We educate our drivers about the importance they play in this process, and they respond by doing their jobs in an expert fashion.

Our vehicles are equipped with the proper materials for handling specimens – including STC containers, dry ice, and wet packs. We secure carrying cases and containers before we get on the road. In addition Rapid Response drivers are fully trained on how to handle these packages and are also OSHA compliant.

Open 24/7

The Rapid Response operation never shuts down, and is staffed by employees who are experienced and knowledgeable. Dispatching a medical delivery driver in the middle of the night or on the weekend is no problem.

When the weather brings snow, ice or heavy rain, we’ll be on the road doing our job and making sure your deliveries are made. Even when the roads are shut down to all traffic except emergency vehicles, our vehicles are still rolling, thanks to the proper designations from the authorities.

Whether you need medical specimens, supplies, pharmaceuticals or medical equipment delivered quickly, or require a route driver that’s dependable and prompt, Rapid Response Delivery can deliver.

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