Our Technology

No matter what you’re shipping, you need to know where your freight is headed, and when it arrives. At Rapid Response, we realize the value of technology, which is why we developed Customized Reporting & Tracking (CRT) Technology.

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What is CRT Technology?

Conceived and designed by our information technology department, CRT supports the entire chain of custody for your shipment, and can be integrated with your current software package. It’s up to you to decide the level of integration for CRT.

In addition to supporting barcode scanning, CRT also allows our drivers and your customers to scan the package on delivery and then send a confirmation email directly to your inbox.

How Does It Help You?

This software also allows for detailed tracking of your shipments that contains proof of receipt and other vital statistics that can be compiled into easy to read reports by CRT.

Everything you need is at your fingertips, and because we’re the proprietors of CRT, we can assist with any training you require. Of course, support is only a phone call, or email, away.

Other professional courier services may offer a technology solution, but very few have their own software program designed to accommodate the needs of their clients. With CRT, every piece of product is instantly trackable and accounted for – right on your computer.

Call today and discover how our technology runs almost as fast as our fleet!

How We Work

When you sign on with Rapid Response Delivery, you can opt to have our shipping and tracking technology, CRT, incorporated into your existing software platform.

This technology has been written and prepared by the information technology department at Rapid Response.

With CRT, we can provide you the entire chain of custody for your shipment, and update your records quickly and accurately.