Why Rapid?

A History of Success

Rapid Response Delivery was founded in 1999 as a transportation and delivery company. We started with a handful of vehicles, dedicated drivers, and a team that was devoted to making sure our customers were satisfied.

More than two decades have passed, and we’ve watched as our operation has grown and our clientele continues to remain satisfied by our attitude and ability to make deliveries on time and on budget.

Besides commercial deliveries, we handle residential deliveries and pick-ups. Our competitive rates, coupled with our professional drivers and support personnel, make us a prime choice for anyone working out of their home who needs a reliable delivery service.

Conveniently located between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC, we serve the surrounding area for your time sensitive deliveries. Our distribution capabilities span across the Mid-Atlantic.

Serving a variety of industries, our services range from on demand packages, to trucking, to distribution, to on-site dispatch. Need pick and pack services or a secure place to store your product? Our fulfillment warehouse is climate controlled and continuously monitored.

Whatever the situation requires, Rapid Response undertakes every job with a high degree of professionalism and dedication.

We understand the transportation business is competitive, so we work diligently to remain competitive on price, while ensuring every package reaches its destination on time.

From bike couriers that zip through the city to tractor-trailers on the highway Rapid Response Delivery has it covered. Day or night, weekend or holidays, experienced drivers and dispatch personnel staff our operation, because business never sleeps.